Adult groups


We use only foreign training programs. Convenient location. Comfortable learning conditions. Issue of a licensed certificate upon graduation

Groups form of training

groups range from 4 to 10 people. The training is mostly held in the evening after 18:00. Duration 1.30 hours (90 min.)

The general form of training

involves 2 classes a week as basic classes! Additional free optional classes are organized for those who could not attend the main courses. The length of the optional classes is also 1.30 h. (90 min.). The training takes place in comfortable classrooms equipped with a computer, training CD player and interactive TV.


The teaching method in the group assumes the emphasis on the spoken aspect of speech, but this does not exclude grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, and so on.

The number of classes in the course are 120 hours
Cost 6000 uah. Monthly payment is possible
All students are provided with textbooks
Semi-individual training

Takes place in a format of two persons. Duration 1.30 hours (90 min.). The training program is identical to the group.
The cost is 120 UAH per person.
When enrolling in this form, it is required that the linguistic level of the two persons be approximately the same.
Intensity of training from 1 time a week to 5 times.
The training takes place in the afternoon or in the evening.

Individual training

Individual training provides one person and a teacher. The lesson is held at a convenient schedule for you. Cost of 150 UAH per person.

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