Courses history

The first two groups of English studies were created in 1993. In the year 2019 there are active 27 groups with a different content: from 5 to 10 students. Study of German and Polish languages ​​takes place with varying intensity.

We are a team of professionals, each of our educators successfully prepares senior students for the independent external evaluation , (the average score of students in the recent years ranges from 180 to 198 points.)

Pre-schoolers acquire elementary reading and writing skills during 2 years time, students demonstrate improved spoken and grammatical skills on a monthly test. A system has been created where everyone (both a kid, a schoolboy and an adult learner) can acquire the qualitative knowledge and skills necessary for everyday life in the modern world.

“To improve – means to change, to be perfect – means to change constantly” -W.Churchil.

We have confirmed our 4 licenses not only by annual concerts in English, three-time summer English camps, three organized trips to Great Britain; we also organized courses for Truskavets Resort three times in succession and for the Karpaty hotel complex too, and we also successfully celebrated the Liturgy in English while arranging summer schools with the native speakers from the Peace Corps. Success is positive result of work and business; for 26 years of labor in the market of educational services life has complicated the requirements and we have grown in number and quality.

Each study room has got modern teaching boards and furniture, computers and TVs; Saturday English Clubs are held with SMART TV, a lot of educational lexical material is accumulated through these years , we have a large video library.

All our pupils parents have access to the electronic diary, we are the first who introduced it in Truskavets.

“Who learns without a book, he draws water with a sieve” – ​​G.Drayden.

Each year, our training base is significantly updated by the most modern sets of books published by the company DINTERAL Education, each student is provided with several textbooks.

We are trying to build long-term and warm relations with our clients, because our priorities are to provide quality educational services at a lower price, motivate our students to Dream, Aim, Achieve. We hope that we will be able to do a great job, as advised by Steve Jobs, because we love what we do !!!

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