Special course for corporate clients


In our time, business English is a standard requirement for hiring together with computer literacy and other skills.

The basis of our course is the European system of training.

The English Language Study for Corporate Customers includes:
  • Free testing and discussion of course needs.
  • Adaptation of training materials to the needs of the client
  • Educational materials (textbooks, workbooks, handouts) free of charge
  • Assessment of knowledge at the end of the course.
  • Certificates and Reports
During 120 lessons and 10 months
you will:
  • Вlearn medical terminology
  • improve grammar and lexical skills
  • improve the understanding of the foreign language by hearing during intensive classes and a lot of oral practice

Our advantages

Competent teachers who know their language well

Flexible Individual Training Program, which is tailored to your specific business needs

Professionally oriented terminology and teaching materials

Holding classes in your offices in a convenient time for employees

A great teaching experience

For corporate vocational training, students must have approximately the same level of basic English language. At the end of the course, the final test is conducted and each member of the group is issued a certificate.

For corporate courses, the price is determined individually, depending on the number of students, the level of knowledge and business profile.

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